U.S. Vacation Destinations You Can’t Miss

  America is home to some of the most beautiful natural wonders in the world. Anyone looking for unique vacation destinations should consider a trip to some of America’s most beautiful destinations. America is a very large country and, as such, it is home ...Read More

Camping in Ontario

If you close your eyes and imagine a vision of Canada, what do you see? If the first thing that comes to mind is ‘nature’, you’re not alone. Canada is filled with cosmopolitan cities and charming towns but its real claim to fame is ...Read More

The 4 Best Minneapolis Skyway Hotels

Minneapolis is known and loved for many things — its bike paths, lakes, theaters, and shopping, for example — but probably not so much for its great weather. The winters are frigid, with subzero temperatures and howling winds, and the summers are often moist ...Read More

How Phoenix Turned Green

Two-thirds of Americans believe that their vacation choices can make a difference to the environment, and almost one third of them are willing to pay more for green travel options. If you’re one of the growing number of Americans embracing sustainable travel, you’ll be ...Read More

La Rochelle, France

Beautiful sunny beaches La Rochelle is on the west coast of France between Nantes and Bordeaux, south of the Vendee. A large port city, it has access to the deep waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The area is a popular destination as this part ...Read More