Beyond Mickey Mouse: 3 Reasons To Go To Florida

Ask many people what they picture when they think of Florida and they’ll tell you the same thing. Florida is, of course, synonymous with a certain Mickey Mouse. Ever since Walt planted the Disney flag firmly in the Orlando soil, the iconic theme park ...Read More

IELTS – TEFL’s best friend

  TEFL. We’ve all heard about it. It’s the acronym that has been around for decades, and the pivotal qualification to get people to leave the mundane and visit incredible countries by Teaching English as a Foreign Language. Now, don’t get me wrong, if ...Read More

Warsaw – The Phoenix City

Warsaw, also known as the Phoenix city for its amazing resurrection after multiple wars, is Poland’s capital and the largest city. Almost rolling down from the Carpathian Mountains out into the Baltic Sea, Warsaw’s picturesque beauty makes it one of the world’s most favored ...Read More

Working Fun Into A Business Trip

When you travel for business purpose, it can be really easy to feel overstressed. The level of stress and frustration tends to arise when your job involves frequent business travels. Balancing meetings, catching up on paperwork, navigating unfamiliar destinations and a lot more can ...Read More