When to Visit Kruger Park in South Africa


The Kruger National Park is located in the north of South Africa, and is best visted between June to September. August is the prime month as it is slightly warmer which makes for a more pleasant game drive at 5am in the morning, and again around 7pm in the evening.

Kruger Attractions

The Kruger attracts visitors interested in seeing the Big Five in the wild. This is of course The African Elephant, Buffalo, Leopard, Lion and the endangered Rhino.

Game viewing in cooler months offers a bettor opportunity for sightings. In hot months the animals spend large portions of the day nder trees, escaping the intense African heat. Summer is also a rainy time in the Kruger, which means dense vegetation and more challenging game viewing.

The Kruger Park offers all the Big Five in one location and your chances of spotting them all are very good. It is worth mentioning however that the Leopard is the most difficult to spot of them all. Leopards are shy animals and prefer the comfort of trees and rock outcrops. They do not make themselves seen very much.

Singita in the Kruger Park however has an abundance of Leopard. The sightings there are the best in the country and greatly improve yours odds of seeing all the Big Five in one location. Singita is however at the top end of the affordability scale when it comes to safaris. This is by far the most expensive option.

The Kruger Park does however cater to a wide variety of travelers. You can enjoy the Kruger on a self-drive trip and find “camping” locations, or you can go for a three to five star lodge.

This article has been provided by African Safari Home. The Kruger Park is vast and to give ensure the best value when planning your African safari, contact an experienced consultant. There is no fee for this and the insight of a local goes a long way to creating a memorable adventure.


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