Sticking to Your Travelling Resolution



Travelling is all about learning more about the world and yourself. It’s about experiencing new things, broadening your horizons, and making yourself a better person along the way. It’s the epitome of renewal; an idea which should be familiar to followers of the age-old tradition of New Year’s resolutions.

“Many of the most successful techniques involve making a plan and helping yourself stick to it,” said Wiseman, and accomplishing your travel goals should be no different. Basically, it all simply boils down to these very simple steps:

1. Be very specific about the place that you want to go visit. Don’t just say “somewhere in Hawaii.” Instead, say “I’m going to kick back in one of Maui’s many oceanside rentals with a view.”

2. Make sure of the date and the number of days that your schedule allows for that trip, and commit yourself to it.

3. Determine the real reason that you want to take the trip, and plan out for that reason. For instance, if it’s about finding your inner photographer, make sure that you center your travelling on locales and activities that provide ample artistic photo opportunities.

4. Research all you can about the place that you’re going to. Make sure all bases are covered, including living costs, lodging options, plan Bs, and others.

5. Lastly, plan out your budget (that still allows room for unseen circumstances) and stick to it.

Regardless of your views on this tradition, the bigger challenge is in actually sticking to your promises. University of Hertfordshire psychologist Richard Wiseman conducted a study with 700 people about keeping New Year’s resolutions, and found that a staggering 78% were unable to do so. Curiously, many of them displayed strong willpower in the beginning, only to lose steam along the way.

In a surprising twist though, the 22% that were able to keep their resolutions didn’t necessarily show strong willpower. What they all had in common, though, was a clear and concise plan of how to go about fulfilling their self-promises.

Many people agree that travelling is just one of those things that you have to do while you still can. Making it your personal way to greet the New Year is a great way to start your trek. As long as you stick to the plan, everything should work out fine.

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