Incredible Italy – 5 Sights Not to Miss

There are so many sights to see in Italy it is difficult to limit yourself to five. From the architecture to the rich culture to the amazing food and shopping, Italy is a travel destination that will please all types of holidaymaker.

1. The Tuscany Countryside

There is no denying that the Tuscany Countryside will stimulate all your senses! It is considered the birthplace of the Renaissance and you will find that it renews your creativity, ideas, and thirst for life. From the food and wine to the beautiful art, rich history and scenery, every day that you spend here will be surrounded in beauty. You can even volunteer to work at a family run farm to really experience life in this beautiful area.

2. Rome

Julius Caesar fought to defend this ancient city nearly two thousand years ago.
Take a stroll along the Tiber River through this marvelous city that is rich in history and culture. Check out the Colosseum where gladiators once battled for their lives to entertain crowds. Visit the Trevi fountain, a masterpiece of engineering and art. Visit the Sistine Chapel and be spellbound by the creativity of Michelangelo. Enter the Vatican City (a separate country within Rome and the smallest microstate in the world) and be amazed by the rich Catholic history. If you are interested in shopping and food both are in abundance here. You can pick up inexpensive, high quality leather products and sample freshly made, exquisite Italian cuisine.

3. Amalfi Coast

This stretch of coastline in southern Italy is known for its breathtaking panoramic views and mild climate. Thousands of tourists flock here every year to see the breathtaking scenery, though it may be too pricey for the budget traveller! This Unesco World Heritage site is a must see for everyone. Rent a car and drive west along the 40 km stretch from Vietri sul Mare in the east to Positano. Take a boat excursion from Positano and explore the inlets of this breathtaking stretch of coast. Relax in the sun sipping limoncello liqueur made from local lemon and dining on fabulously prepared, freshly caught seafood. Why not stay in a beautiful villa on the Amalfi Coast and holiday in luxurious style.

4. Venice

This romantic city located in northeastern Italy that has been made famous by its unique canals and bridges. Check out the amazing architecture and art and music that this city is renowned for. There are many world famous festivals that take place in the city. Take a gondola ride along the famous Grand Canal. Visit St Mark’s Basilica, and Piazza San Marco. Sample the amazing food and wine that this area has to offer. For shopping pick up some world famous Venetian glass, or its world famous fashion. Travelling to Venice could not be easier; there are some really cheap flight deals.

5. Pompeii

In 79AD Mt Vesuvius erupted and destroyed this once bustling city by coating it in ash and dirt. Excavation of the site has revealed that everything from people and animals to art, pottery, furniture and glassware has been preserved by ash. Visiting Pompeii needs to be on everybody’s travel bucket list. See the stone streets that were laid two thousand years ago and check out the remaining buildings. Step back in time to what life looked like two thousand years ago.




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