Getting Open Water Certified in Koh Tao, Thailand

Most courses last four days on average, and the costs include lodging during the course. You do not need to pre-book, just show up and find the school that best suits your budget and schedule.



If diving is not your thing the island also has some beautiful beaches (Koh Nang Yuan was my favorite) perfect for snorkeling or simply relaxing.

Thailand is a country that has it all and there are hundreds of cliches that every visitor should do such as go to a Muay Thai boxing match, put your feet in a tank full of cleaner fish, get a Thai massage for a few dollars an hour, go to an Elephant Park, a Ladyboy Cabaret, a Full Moon party and undoubtedly get your Open Water diving certification.



I’ve always been a fan of swimming and being on the water but my only contact with the underwater world was through aquariums and snorkeling. However, once you are 17 meters underwater watching the corals inches from your face, fish swimming freely around you, clown fish (remember Finding Nemo?) curiously peek from their protective anemone and moray eels with their mouths gaping you know you’ve found a new addiction.


My days in Thailand were incredible, I can only say good things about this country but certainly Koh Tao holds a special place in my heart and I am sure it will not be the last trip I make to this island.


November 1st, 2014, Shark Island, 17.1 meters, 45 minutes submerged, 7 kg, short wetsuit, 30 Celsius, salt water, entrance from boat, visibility 20 meters, comments: “I saw a turtle” are the notes that are on my diving log and hopefully you will have something similar on your next trip to Thailand.


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