FlightHub’s Recommended Fourth Of July Experience: Nashville, TN

As a big fan of the southern states, going to Nashville, Tennessee for the fourth of July was a
literal smorgasbord of red state hospitality. As the hometown of country music, the streets of
Nashville were littered with people, vendors, bands, and more deep-fried food than you could
actually imagine. The night was of course capped off with a firework display over the
Cumberland River, a body of water that splits Nashville, cutting a line from the north end to the
south. As a Canadian on vacation, I felt like I had received a sucker punch of America.
Thetripbegan with alowcostflight,opting for a fare from a Canadian travel agency called
FlightHub. After a quick FlightHub review, I also opted for some much needed travel insurance,
something I never leave the country without. Landing in Nashville on the 4th, the festivities got
immediately underway, arriving at the hotel, quickly dropping off my luggage, and hopping onto
a bike cab into the downtown core. As the night progressed, and I hopped from smokey bar to
smokey bar, it came time to settle in, choosing the three floored, americana-infused behemoth
of an establishment that stuck with tradition, featuring a rotation of country bands ringing in
America’s most ruckus holiday.
In a trip that featured a melting pot of all things southern fried, Nashville offered an experience
you could never get North of the border. As an experienced road-tripper and purveyor of all
things deep south, my trip to Nashville cemented its status as one of the top places to
experience the fourth of July

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