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5 Refreshingly Diverse Places To See In America

The United States of America is an amazing country with more places to explore than you may ever have enough vacation time to see. Many older cities are historical monuments to the emergence of democracy on this continent while more modern cities are testaments to ...Read More

D-Day Sites you can visit in Normandy

One of the defining moments of the twentieth century came on June 6th, 1944. On that day, the Allied Forces launched a huge offensive against the Axis Powers on the beaches of Normandy, and turned the tide of World War II. Over 132,000 troops ...Read More

Top 5 Reasons To Visit Koh Tao During The Low Season

Travelers with little experience exploring Southeast Asia are often willing to ONLY travel during high seasons only as they initially fear that unpredictable weather could potential interfere with beach-time activities. My experience exploring Koh Tao this past October showed me that taking a chance ...Read More