5 Unusual Places to Visit in Australia


No matter where you are, you’ve probably seen a travel brochure for Australia. It’s traditionally covered in pictures of smiling people, pristine beaches, and perhaps kangaroos.


Very once in awhile you’ll even get a glimpse of the stunning outback. But why travel all the way down under and see what everyone else has seen? Why choose the beaten path?


Australia is all about adventure and the country is massive enough to offer one. Like any landmass this big, it has its odd locations that are usually ignored by tourists. But experienced locals will tell you these hidden gems are well worth a visit.


Here are some of the most off-beat destinations in Australia:


Port Arthur Ghost Town

In case you didn’t know – Australia was where British criminals were banished to. The place they most likely landed in was a tiny prison settlement in Hobart, Tasmania.


Port Arthur has a long history littered with some tremendously uncomfortable tales. Suicides, violence, mistreatment and torture were rampant here. It’s left the town looking creepy by day, let alone by night. A must-visit for horror fans.


Wycliffe Well

This town claims to have regular UFO sightings since the Second World War. It’s now known as the UFO capital of Australia.


The town is in the middle of nowhere, so you’ll probably have to download the Aussie-version of the Gumtree app and buy a car to get there.


Gumtree Australia has personal and group transport options



A small town west of Byron Bay is widely known as the quintessential hippy community.


Students moved here during the cultural movement of the 1960’s. When the music and festivals ended, many students chose to stay and form a commune there. The town is now home to some amazing people and a unique culture.


Daly Waters Pub

Daly Waters Pub is the “best pub” in the outback. The pub has had guests from all over the world and something about the interiors makes people want to leave their mark behind.


There are ID cards stuck to the wall and bras hanging off the ceiling. Even the bar is studded with coins from all over the world. Pay it a visit and stay in a cabin if you like. Or simply buy the pub from the owner and settle in Australia.



Source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/mrpbps/18955952453


Coober Pedy

Coober Pedy used to be a mining town. It was built by soldiers who were trying to find commodities in the middle of the desert after they’d just got back from the First World War.


The unique thing about this town is the fact that’s entirely underground. Even today, well after the mining boom, the town is an active underground community. There are stores, restaurants, museums and even a church down there.


Australia’s worth a visit any time of the year. The sun and sand are obviously attractive, but if you really want to go seeking adventure, try one of these spots.






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