5 Unique Vacation Destinations

Chernobyl nuclear power station fourth power 25 years later

There are travel destinations that are popular for the mainstream, and then there are travel destinations that are immensely unique. Most travelers would want to visit these hidden-gems and unique destinations, but as they are not that popular, it may be difficult to find one. Fear not, the rest of the article is going to highlight places in the world that is not yet on the mainstream, but offers you a uniquely wonderful experience seldom seen or experienced by the rest of the world.

1. Bioluminescent Mosquito Bay

There are a very few places in the world that offer you an experience of as if you are leaving planet earth and float together with the stars. One of these places is Mosquito bay. They bay has an abnormally large amount of dinoflagellates. These organisms are harmless and when you disturb them they give off a glow. For the best experience, join a group of travelers, row in the middle of the night, take a dip in the water and the bay will transport you to place that even photographs will be no good at capturing the sight.

2. The Blue Lagoon

Iceland is often named as “The Land Of Fire And Ice.” It is a country of two seemingly opposing elements blended harmoniously into one. One of the best places to see and feel what that exactly means is the Blue Lagoon. The lagoon is uniquely colored blue because of the silica mud. You will be bathing in a comforting geothermal steam and warm waters, and yet it is snowing all around.

3. Cancun Underwater Museum

There is an underwater museum located in Cancun that offers one of the largest collections of art pieces for underwater viewing. Jason de Caires Taylor is the credited brainchild of such watery museum. The destination highlights more than 400 statues, each has their features and poses. The underwater museum is set at a shallow water making it easy for any interested scuba divers, swimmers and snorkelers to marvel at its wonders. You will find a unique synergy of man-made beautiful art with natural elements as barnacles and seaweeds making it also a supplementary fish reef area.

4. Chernobyl, Ukraine

Once a site for the historic and tragic nuclear power plant meltdown, now Chernobyl is a growing tourists attraction. The 30-km death zone is now considered to be relatively safe for tourist tours. If you have a thing for enjoying or experiencing places in the world that features a tortuous ruin, then Chernobyl should be in your bucket list of places to visit.

5. Madagascar

Madagascar is located within the Indian Ocean and east of the African continent. The area is so remote that it hosts unique evolutionary developments. 90% of the native species are nowhere else to be found in the planet. Visiting the place offers you a feeling being in lost wonderland.

There is a satisfying and wonderful feeling upon visiting a unique, hidden gem travel destination. Hopefully, after reading this article, you have gained new insights on some of these unique places to visit in the planet.

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