4 things you didn’t know about the ladies in Las Vegas

At one point or another, we all want to go to Las Vegas. Sin City is alive with character and a vibrant night life. Whether you are hitting the slots or any of the other attractions, knowing something about Las Vegans going in will make your experience one to remember.

Magical Vegas was also curious about the people of Nevada and what they thought, especially the ladies. Magical Vegas is an online casino offering, amongst others things, a wide range of online slot games. They conducted a survey to find out what the ladies in Nevada thought was the most attractive accent. The survey was part of a Magical Vegas content marketing initiative, providing a lot fun and useful info for its users.

If you are thinking of visiting the desert oasis, the guys at Magical Vegas have some interesting insights. These could make your stay in Vegas a lot more memorable.

Here are 4 insights from the survey.
‘The ladies in Vegas love the British accent’ – 41.4% of Vegas woman think the British accent is the most attractive. A distant second is the French accent with 17.3%, and 11.6% of Vegas woman find the Irish accent the most attractive.

‘The upper middle class ladies in Vegas have a more diverse palate for accents’ – While the most affluent and lower income brackets all love the British accent. The upper middle class find French and Scottish equally as attractive.

‘The older ladies love the French accent’ – The survey found that though the 18-24 age bracket preferred the English accent, the French accent was popular with woman 65+.

‘Wherever you go in Nevada the British accent reigns supreme’ – They also found that whether in you are in suburbia, rural or urban areas, the ladies in Vegas love the British accent.

With so many people visiting Vegas each year it is interesting to see the influence of other nationalities. For more information and a great graphic on what the ladies in Vegas think, visit the Magical Vegas website at www.magicalvegas.com , and stand a chance to win a trip to Las Vegas.


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