4 Great Day Trips You Can Do From St Petersburg


St. Petersburg is a fascinating city.  With so much to do it’s easy to spend an entire trip to Russia partaking in its many delights.  However, because of this, many travelers end up missing out on the many amazing attractions that lie just a short distance away.  These day trips are essential for a true Russian experience, and are also easily accessible if you’re based in the city for the duration of your trip.




Peterhof is one of Russia’s most popular tourist attractions, and there are many tour companies that provide convenient trips from St. Petersburg to witness its grandeur and beauty. Known in the traveler’s community as the Russian Versailles, visitors can wander the site at leisure, and enjoy the many fountains, works of art and statues that grace its gardens and houses.

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The tour includes a guided visit to the spectacular Great Palace, which was once the summertime abode of the mighty Tsars. Your guide will give you a comprehensive history of the buildings, as well as a walk around the surrounding gardens. There are also many other optional stops that you can incorporate into your itinerary once you’re in the area.



For nature lovers, Pavlovsk provides the ideal spot to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Like Peterhof, the site is another imperial estate, however it’s much more modern – giving a great feel for the more recent trends in Russian architecture and design.  Pavlovsk Palace is one of the highlights of the tour, but instead of being surrounded by gardens, it’s set in the heart of a vast 1500-acre park.

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Most tours allow guests to break off from the group and spend their own time exploring this natural paradise. It’s a great spot to enjoy a picnic, and it’s a notable hit with the families that visit. You can bring along some ball games and let the kids burn off some steam on the many grassy fields.


Veliky Novgorod


One of the most exciting attractions in the country, and now a world-renowned UNESCO heritage site, this spot is often referred to as the old soul of Russia. Peppered with historic medieval architecture, and home to some of the country’s most well-known attractions, including the notorious Kremlin, if there’s one spot you have to visit outside of St. Petersburg, then this is it.

Whether you chose to spend a day here, or even a whole weekend, there are plenty of great things to see and do. As well as being a visual spectacle in its own right, the endless markets, churches, statues and parks makes it the perfect destination to get a true taste of real Russian culture.

Valaam Monastery


For the more adventurous, perhaps one of the most exciting options is a visit to the Valaam Monastery, which can be accessed by helicopter from St. Petersburg. The Monastery is situated on Valaam island, and is inaccessible by road, but this exciting flight out there is an appealing adventure in itself. Not only can you take in the vast Russian landscape from above, the Monastery itself is a historical and architectural delight.

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The tour includes lunch inside the Monastery, which is a fantastically picturesque setting, and also a visit to Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral, which is also located on the island. The Valaam Monastery was once an incredibly influential power in the region, so it’s a great spot for history buffs to learn about Russia’s past.


So if you have a trip to St. Petersburg coming up in the near future, and you haven’t explored the potential day trips to add to your itinerary, be sure to give these four spots a bit of research, and book your tour asap!



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