3 Ways To Keep Your Kids Quiet On A Plane

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The tale about kids on a plane is not a myth. Even science hasn’t figured it out yet. And if you haven’t experienced it, you’ve probably heard stories about it. Running down the isles, crying, screaming, throwing things, the whole gamut. However, even though science hasn’t completely figured it out, there are plenty of parents who have. Out of necessity of course!

Traveling with children on a plane is not for the fainthearted. In most instances, it’s the hours of confinement that drives kids batty which creates a domino effect throughout the whole airplane.

Equipped with a bit of knowledge, the right tools, meticulous planning, and a lot of luck, keeping kids quiet on a plane is a manageable task. However, nothing is totally foolproof, but at least you can give it good try. Just think of all the compliments you will receive from your surprised fellow passengers and airplane personnel. If you take heed to the following tips, you may have the best plane ride you’ve ever experienced with the kids.


#1-The Whisper

This approach may seem odd, but according to the experts, (expert as in those who have tried this method) it has just as good a shot of working as any other technique.

Whispering beguiles human nature. It entices people, even kids. If you ask a child if they would “like to hear a secret” consistently while whispering, sooner or later they calm down and ask to hear it. Once they do, just tell them something, anything! The most important thing is that you’ve got them to calm down and captured their attention. Sure, this approach is unconventional and it requires a lot of patience, but it does work. Meeting a child’s unruliness with measured quiet is intriguing to say the least. Uhm, you can try this one on adults as well!

#2-Keep them Busy

If an adult can get bored on a plane ride, especially flights longer than one-hour, just think what a kid goes through. Heck, even adults have been kicked off flights for not following the rules. A few years ago, a well-known actor was kicked off a flight because he wouldn’t stop texting! So keep your kids busy. Here’s what you can do:

-Bring books and be sure to select their favorites.
-Bring goodies kids can get creative with like paper, crayons, colored pencils. If you have the skills or interest, teach them Origami with different colored paper, it’s impressive and attention-grabbing as well.
-Bring travel-sized games like checkers or even Scramble. You can even find versions of games designed exclusively for travel with magnets.
-Bring a gadget like an iPad or something similar where kids can watch a video. It’s hard enough for adults to watch in-flight movies; at least you can have some mercy on the kids!

#3-Distract them with Distractions

Make a plane ride something extra special for kids by giving them your complete attention. Which means letting them handle something you wouldn’t normally allow them to touch unsupervised like your digital camera or watch. There must be something you can show them that will hold their interest or prevent an all-out meltdown.

TIP: Be prepared as it may come to this. If all else fails, bribe them! Remember, clever adults come geared-up. Buy a special toy and have it wrapped in shiny new wrapping paper. Just when the kid opens their mouth to yell, show them the package and let them know if they promise to be good, they can open it. Desperate times call for desperate measures, happy landing!

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